What Is a Rebound Relationships?

rebound relationshipsRebound relationships are those that are formed after a recent break-up. You’re in one if you are in a relationship with someone yet you still feel like you left part of you, so to speak, in the previous relationship. A rebound relationship is when you hook up with somebody too soon after a breakup that you haven’t had time to heal yet.

What a rebound relationship is

For some, a rebound relationship is an escape route. They enter a new relationship soon after a breakup so they won’t have to feel the full extent of the pain of a recently ended relationship.

Some people jump at the chance of a new relationship because they do not want to be alone. Others believe that dating soon after a breakup is the way to move on and get over their previous relationship.

What your new partner isn’t

Your new partner is just as human – therefore just as flawed – as your previous partner. Thus, you should not expect him/her to fulfill your unmet needs or make up for the mistakes of your previous partner.

Making up for lost time

We all feel the need to feel loved and cared for. If you had been in a relationship where these needs were not met, your tendency may be to make up for the time lost in that bad relationship and plunge headlong into a new one.

The thing is, this urgency (to find the right person to fulfill your needs) coupled with the lost time you think you need to make up for may cause you to be reckless and make another wrong relationship turn.

Using your "rebound"

In most rebound relationships, the person on the rebound has not yet moved on or healed. You think you are just trying to move on by entering a new relationship. But as was said earlier, you may just be using your new partner as an escape route or a distraction from the pain.

Once you have really moved on, your ‘new’ partner may be the one left hanging. It is best to totally get over a person or be completely healed before entering a new relationship. Otherwise, be honest to your new partner about where your feelings truly lie.

Being used by the "rebounder"

Take the previous scenario and reverse it. If you are in a relationship with a rebounder, take good care of yourself or you might get hurt. Once your "rebounder" partner has moved on, you will be left wondering what happened.

As for the single people, rebound relationships are not for you, if you are in the market for a long, committed relationship. If you do fall for someone on the rebound, do not let yourself just drown in the relationship.

Make sure you have a clear sense of what’s going on and where things are going. Set a steady pace where you both can grow as a couple.


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