Dealing With Fear of Commitment

fear of commitmentWe all have our own fears at it often than not run our lives. Be it having a phobia with flying insects, heights, to rejection, failure, and commitments. These fears or what we also refer to as phobia keeps us from living our lives to its fullest. We do not want anything holding us back. As cliché as it may sound we all have to embrace our fears. Control your fear. Do not let it control you.

There are Five Important Points to Remember when Handling Fears: Defining your Fear, Finding out Where it Come from, Learning why you Fear it so much, Accepting it’s Existence, Facing it and Taking Control.

One may never be able to terminate their fears completely yet the most integral part on the matter is that they will be able to control their phobia and make it not affect the way they move their lives.

Defining your Fear

There are times wherein we do not even know what we are afraid of. This stage is more of knowing what is your phobia(s) so that you know what you are facing or will be facing in the near future.

Finding out Where it Come from

This stage is a matter of knowing what is causing you to fear something, someone or rather some situation. According to the legal maxim, "El que es causa de la causa es causa del mal causado" or "He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of the evil cause." By knowing what caused something you will know the evil or the cause of the evil that was caused and from there you will know your next approach.

Learning why you Fear it so much

Finding out what your fear is different from learning why you fear something so much. Learning is more of studying, assessing, understanding something. It is by understanding that one will learn to accept the nature of the existence of a matter.

Accepting it’s Existence

The best action towards controlling your fear is through facing it or rather embracing the nature of the said fear. Accepting the Existence of you Fear is more like accepting the fact that the scissor is made for cutting or your wedding ring symbolizes your commitment with your partner.

Facing it and Taking Control

You cannot do something with regard to the existence of your fear but merely accept it for the way they are and live by it without any burden. It is through living life with those fears without really minding them or letting it bite you the proper way of controlling the emotions that your phobia(s) is making you show which affects your way of living.


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