Elements of a Healthy Relationship

relationshipsBeing in a relationship should not only make you feel happy in love, but also feel fulfilled. Being in a weak, dysfunctional relationship only aggravates feelings of depressing and even desperation.

This is why it is best you need a strong support network that keeps your grounded, happy, and content.

Here are some aspects of a healthy relationship that you should develop with your partner or, even family members.


The easiness of talking with your partner keeps you assured of your relationship’s strength and level of trust.

Find the time to talk to your partner and be as open as you can, as well as be able to listen to what he or she is saying, and be able to work out disagreements in a peaceful, civilized manner.


Treating your partner with respect, and vice versa, keeps your relationship from crumbling. Listening to each other’s views and opinions-and not suppressing the other person’s perspective of things-is a way of showing respect to your partner.

You could also earn respect by sharing parental responsibilities, making family decisions together, and mutually agreeing on a fair distribution of housework.

If you and your partner are at conflict over differences in tradition and opinions, bear in mind that neither one of you is wrong, and acknowledging and accepting the other’s perspective makes your relationship healthy.


This may take time and effort to build up, but it can also be destroyed in an instant. Be honest with each other and be able to speak the truth without fear. You need to believe in your partner and actively help in building your trust with him or her.


Both of you should need to accept responsibility. Consider various aspects before deciding and acting, as this protects both of you from harm and not end up blaming each other.

Taking care of yourself

Remember that a relationship contains two individuals, and both of them should be able to take care of themselves in a healthy relationship. Both of you should have time and space to do the things you want to do with the support of your partner.


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