How to Have a Healthy Relationship

couple kissingDon’t change just because you want to apiece your partner. Always be true to yourself. If you act or try to become someone you aren’t in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations, then something is seriously wrong.

A true love will appreciate you for who are and what you bring to the relationship. The feeling of being pressured to change your character and do things you wouldn’t usually do is a sign that something bad is happening. Your true love will gladly embrace you just for who you are.

Don’t expect anyone to be responsible for your happiness. Blaming one’s partner for his or unhappiness lest it will fail. The key here is to make yourself happy first then share his or her happiness.

Always tell the truth and don’t be afraid to express what you feel. Lying to protect your feelings create a disconnection in a relationship, even if your partner never finds out about it. Your partner can argue about anything that happens outside of you, but he or she cannot rationally deny your feelings.

Learn from one another. It doesn’t mean that for a relationship to work, partners should have the exact interests. Having diverse preferences can help on sharing new and exciting things with each other, but make sure that there’s a common interest so it doesn’t lead to a battle of what must be done. Learn to compromise without depriving one’s own interest, instead participate in each other’s interests.

Keep agreements and show respect for yourself and your partner. Having this creates an atmosphere of trust and safety in a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to talk about problems with sex and money. The lack of or over-use of sex, as well as the use, misuse and abuse of money might destroy a healthy relationship. Both are very important and very personal in a love life. Couples should settle quality time to discuss these two factors. Always remember that there is a big difference between plainly having sex and making love. Since these factors can either be dangerous or uplift a relationship, find time to talk about what sex and money means and make sure that you share your belief and feelings with each other.

Appreciate yourself and your partner, be sensitively aware on things. Tell your beloved that you love him or her and you don’t want to argue but to talk and make it better.

Find something that you can both get a laugh. Laughter keeps love alive. Always remember that your special someone wouldn’t resist your smile and sparkling eyes when you laugh. A good sense of humor does work.

Don’t expect that your partner will fulfill every need in your life. Everybody needs love, intimacy, affection and affirmation and it’s not only your partner who can give you all that. One person isn’t enough. There are your friends and your family who will also give you that. And don’t forget to get love from YOURSELF.


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