How to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

pregnancyFinding out that you are pregnant can cause a variety of emotions, and telling husband about it can have different reactions as well.  It all depends on the situation and lifestyle.  If you have been trying to get pregnant for so many years, or it is a total surprise, talking about pregnancy should be handled with utmost care. 

Here are some advice on how to tall your husband about your pregnancy, whether you both longed for this moment or feared about it.

When you both want to start a family

Turn your announcement about pregnancy an important event.  If the pregnancy is not wearing you out too much, set up your dinner table with gorgeous settings, make a nice meal, and tell your husband over candlelight that you are delighted to bring another life into the world with him. 

You can even turn it into a complete surprise party, as your relatives and friends contribute to the celebration, with only your husband as the one who needs to get surprised with your good news.

Your husband is unsure about wanting kids

Not every married couple dreams of having kids of their own.  Some even consider having kids as more of a burden.  If this is the case in your marriage, you need to tell the news at the right time and at the right setting. 

Both of you should be relaxed, getting along, and able to devote time and energy on a serious dialogue.  Do not attempt telling him the news if he comes home fuming, for instance. 

If everything is set, tell him that you know that you were not planning on children yet but you have just discovered you are pregnant.  Say to him your feelings and wishes for the baby.  Even if you sympathize with your husband’s reluctance of becoming a father, you should not feel guilty about your pregnancy. 

Tell him in a loving and rational way that you would like to hear his thoughts about the news after he has had a chance to absorb the situation.

Your husband might realize that he indeed does want a baby, but he is only terrified at the prospect of being responsible for having another mouth to feed.  If that is the case, you need to support one another, giving each other encouragement, and seek help if you need it. 

However, if your husband is set against having this child, you have to seriously consider all your options and make a decision that satisfies both of you.

You do not want the baby, but your husband would be thrilled about becoming a father

You have to tell your husband about it.  It would be a mistake that you hide the news to him.  Keeping such a secret may ruin your marriage and break up the bond of trust that bound the two of you.

Before you talk to your husband about the pregnancy, you need to be sure how you feel about becoming a mother.  What don’t you want to have a baby?  Would you consider abortion or putting the baby up for adoption?  You do not have to be convinced to becoming a mother, but you should keep an open mind and listen to your husband’s reaction. 

Once you have told your husband about the news, continue checking in with yourself about how you feel.  You do not want to make a decision that you would only regret later on.


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