How to Understand Your Partner

happy coupleUnderstanding your partner is one of the ingredients of a lasting relationship. Learning how to understand your partner will enable you to see situations more clearly instead of reacting to something that you do not like in your partner.

But this should also be practiced between the two people in the relationship and not just by one of them. Developing empathy towards each other can help couples build up a relationship based on trust, honesty and openness.

In a relationship, it is important for people to understand one another. This requires a partner trying to see a situation in the other’s shoes. It is taking one’s partner’s perception in order to see things from a different viewpoint. In the process, this will allow partner’s to feel what the other feels and therefore have a better understanding of what the couple feels about certain things.

This requires constantly learning and discovering about each other. The skill of empathy takes time and also a little bit of effort. But learning the skill can do a lot in a relationship that otherwise may end up badly with couples always on a reactionary mood, pitting one’s pride against the other.

There are ways that people can help develop their empathy skill. There may be times that couples may have different points of view and may not agree on certain things most of the time. There may even be times when a partner may feel that the other may not understand one’s feelings. This is where empathy may be needed. Even though partners may not agree all the time, empathy over how and what one’s partner feels will help forge a better understanding of each other.

One way in which empathy in a relationship can be developed is by identifying an issue that is difficult for you as couples to discuss about. Then try to examine the issue from your partner’s point of view. Try ti consider you partner’s attitudes and feelings about the issue and discuss it together for three to five minutes. Try to talk about how it feels to think like your partner.

After doing so, then try to reverse the roles and try to examine the issue from both your own points of view. Try to discuss again how it feels looking at the issue from your point of view and discuss it with your partner for three to five minutes. Then evaluate how this exercise can help you better understand your partner.

The best way to develop empathy is by observing and listening to your partner. It is important that you should not only look at things from your own perspective in order to better understand how your partner feels about certain things that might affect your relationship. Empathy should be developed from both sides in order to succeed in helping relationships last.


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