Preventing Awkward Situations During Friendly Dates


shutterstock_116181502There are many instances when a friendly date can get awkward.  While you just want to go out with a friend to have a good time, they might read it differently. While you may not have any romantic intentions going out with a friend, some may think otherwise. Here are some unique ways that you can employ to make sure that you prevent getting into that awkward situation.

Bring along another friend.

To make sure that your friend will not put any other meaning to the friendly date, try to let another friend or two to tag along. Group dates can be fun and yet not have that romantic undertones. It will help put that fact upfront that you want to go on a date with friends and nothing else.

Address your date as “friend”.

One way to prevent your friend from having romantic thoughts when you go out is if you always remind them that you are friends. Just hinting the word now and then when you refer to him or her will help get that message through. Any romantic thoughts will be shot down once you call your date “friend” or “buddy” frequently.

Offer to have them meet someone else you know.

One way to prevent your date from making that romantic connection with you is by indirectly indicating that you do not want any of that. One way you can do this is by offering to set them up with another friend for a date. Everyone will get the message instantly that you do not want romance, unless of course your friend is a bit dense.

Go Dutch

One way to put your point across that you are going out with friends is if you pay your own way. Try to avoid the friend’s offer to pay for everything. Make it plain that you plan to go Dutch on this particular date, just to make things clear without really saying it. After all, a bunch of friends usually go Dutch when going out. It is a date of the romantic kind when one offers to pay for the other.

If nothing else works, be frank about it.

Even if you tried everything and your friend does not get it, you can always be frank. You can tell him or her flat out that you do not want to make the wrong impression about going out together. Just make it plain that you are just friends out for some fun and nothing else. Nipping the issue in the bud will certainly prevent you from getting into that awkward situation.



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