Questions To Help Determine If You Are Relationship Ready

Questions To Help Determine If You Are Relationship Ready

People have different ideas and reasons for getting into a relationship. Some of the reasons may be too shallow while others are deep enough to make relationships work. Some people are not even sure whether they are already ready to be engaging into a serious relationship. Here are some questions that will help you determine if you or someone you know are ready for a relationship.

How do you express or feel love?
In a successful relationship, love is always at the forefront. You need to know what makes you feel it. Likewise you also should have an idea on how you try to express it with your partner. It is also important that you are able to know how a potential partner expresses his or her love. It will help determine whether you have the same ideas in what love is and in how you express it. It is easier to nurture a relationship when partners are like-minded in terms of love.

What is you ideal relationship?
Knowing your ideal relationship and that of your potential partner will help determine what both of you are looking for right now. It will also help determine what both of you may be expecting from a relationship. In a way, it can also help provide a bit of insight about the past relationships men and women have been through in the past.

What are your turn ons?
Physical compatibility is also important in a relationship. You can determine if you are compatible when you have similar things that turn you on.

What has been your happiest and most depressing moment?
This question will help determine you and your potential partner’s emotional extremes. It will help determine factors that may trigger happy or sad emotions and how people react to them. It will also help you determine whether these may be something you are able to avoid in the future, given your own personal circumstances and ideals.

What do you wish to accomplish this year?
Nothing can tell you more about someone than knowing their goals in the immediate future. It can also tell whether you or your potential partner will have what it takes to nurture a relationship. Doing so takes time and effort. It is important that you are willing to give your share to help it grow and develop.


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