Relationship Tips: Identifying The Men From The Boys

shutterstock_106842335Successful relationships require a certain level of maturity between partners. Without it, many relationships may fail to grow and develop. In a way, women will want to have a man as a partner, not someone who may still be a bit immature. Women can identify who are the men and who are the boys through these different situations many relationships go through.

Scheduling A Date

An immature guy will be someone who is not sure even when setting a time and place for a date. He may have other things on his mind such as going out with the boys or finish up watching football. He just will inform you later of the time and place of your date.

A mature man on the other hand will set a specific time and location for a date. He is mature enough to value your own time and do not want to keep you guessing. He will also offer you other options in case you are not available.

In An Argument

It takes a certain level of maturity in order to resolve conflicts and arguments. Women can identify an immature partner if he tries to dodge serious conversations or arguments. When you try to confront him, he usually tries to downplay everything and change the subject as much as possible.

A mature partner is brave enough to face the issues. He can also be honest enough to tell you what is in his mind. He may not always be right, but at least he is speaking his mind and is being honest about it. He wants to face the issues and seek the proper resolution to them for the sake of a strong and happy relationship.

Meeting Family

In any relationship, meeting the family is one of the signs that a relationship is getting towards a more serious stage. It also can help women identify if the level of maturity of their partner is just right for the next level. How they react to an invitation to meet with family members can really tell a lot.

An immature guy will usually be uncomfortable when faced with the reality of meeting your parents and family.  He may try to talk you out of it. It shows that he may not yet be ready to take the next step with you. A mature guy will be more than happy to know your family. He will immediately agree to it if given the opportunity. He is comfortable enough with this notion and not feel pressured about it.


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