Signs that Your Guy Is Ready to Commit

commitmentSingle women who have difficulty finding the men of their lives usually have one complaint: men are afraid to commit. Sure, there are guys out there who would rather grow up and be a bachelor for the rest of his life, but there are men who dream of getting married with a beautiful wife and raise a family of their own. And the fun thing is that there a lot of men who are like the latter, it is all about how to find them. Here are subtle signs that would give you hints that the guy you are dating is ready to commit.

His friends are married – As the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. The marital status of your date’ friends are a dead giveaway if he is ready to commit. If all of his friends are still single and in a party-boy state, your date would probably do the same for a long time. And you just do not want to wait that long.

He is financially secure – Studies have shown that men who own a home are geared to get married. A financially-stable man, who has everything going on for him except a partner who would grow old with him, feels marriage is a practical next step.

He does not put sex first on his mind – If your man does not want to rush things and respects your decision to hold out on sexual intercourse until some time (marriage, for instance) then he is more likely to commit to you.

He takes care of you when you are down – A relationship is best tested when either one of you is at the worst of times. If you are sick or depressed for some reason, a commitment-ready man would be there for you and do everything he can to make you feel better.

He gets to know your friends and family – One positive sign that your man is ready to get married is when he truly wants to know you, such as interacting with your family and friends. But at the same time, you also want to get to know more about him as well so you can see how well you fit in with his friends and family. If your man steers you away from the people important to you, that raises a red flag.

He is not afraid to compromise – He always asks for your opinion and has the ability to meet you halfway. If your man insists on doing things his way, then he is not ready to be part of a mature relationship.


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