The Importance of Friendship in Relationships

friendshipRemember all those fun times at school? It’s all made up of friends. For many of you, friends rule your world and it’s with them that you want to spend most of your time. You like friends because they’re the kind of people to whom you can turn. They know what you’re experiencing and at the same time they understand your point of view. In friendship, everything starts, with the emergence of trust and camaraderie.

Friendship and romance are almost always intertwined and difficult to separate. Remember how celebrities would answer and comment on their reported romantic involvements with another celebrity and they will always say that they are just good friends? When your other friends ask you what’s going on between you and a friend with whom you seem to go out a lot, you simply answer, probably for the sake of retaining your privacy, that you are just, well, friends.

Well, some relationship develop out of friendship, while some relationships are developed through friendship. Many friendships you made have come and gone, but some will last because you discover something unique about a particular friend, which may develop into a serious relationship. Whatever the case, friendship is undoubtedly the best way by which you can eventually find romance and true love.

To become close with somebody, you start by making friends with the person. There’s simply no other way. Many movies like to glorify the illusion that two total strangers can become promptly attached to each other after seeing each other at a party or some other event, for the first time. But such relationship end as soon as they start. There’s simply no substitute for friendship, where trust always starts in a relationship.

We all need friends. They understand you. Listen to you and make you feel accepted. But more importantly, they love you for being yourself. Being part of a group of friends means being in the company of persons who like you for who you are and also for who you’re trying to be.

Making friends might be easy, but it can also be challenging. Finding the right company can turn into a trial-and-error method, since many people don’t show their true colors right away. But the nice thing about this challenge is that you get to see who like you and who doesn’t and those whom you’re going to trust.


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