Cheating Emotionally On Your Spouse

friendsCheating on a spouse may be possible on different areas of life. What most couples may find common is the act of actually having sexual relations with a third party. This is what couples consider as cheating. But there are other ways that cheating on a spouse may manifest itself in one’s life. It is possible that one might be cheating on a spouse emotionally.

Emotional cheating on a spouse may happen more frequently among couples than they might otherwise think. It actually happens when feelings of trust and compassion are shown towards a friend or a co-worker, filling a similar lacking from the husband or the wife.

For the husband, emotional cheating can start off as being comfortable and friendly with another woman that can lead to physical attraction that the woman may or may not be interested. For the wife, it can be emotional intimacy with another man that does not usually lead to sex. But in the usual case, such emotional intimacy would likely lead to sexual relations if both find each other attractive.

There are times that partners may not be able to fill up certain needs of their other halves because of certain differences. If they cannot work out these differences between each other, it would be more likely that partners may easily engage in emotional cheating. They are simply trying to fill out a certain void that their partners fail to do so.

There also may come a time between couples that misunderstandings play a major hitch in the relationship. A partner may not seem to understand what the other is going through. And during this time, one of the partners may try to seek someone else who might have a better understanding of what they are going through.

This would lead another person other than the partner that would take up the void. A partner might feel that that person may have a "connection". Emotional intimacy is build up with someone that a person is comfortable with, someone that a person can laugh with, shares feelings with as well as someone who shows some care.

Although some partners may think that it is just a special friendship, such instances may be called as emotional cheating. It can be dangerous ground to tread on. Instead of working out the differences with the partner and looking to fill the void from someone else, it would be easy to fall into emotional cheating.

Such things may gradually develop. From friends with benefits, such relationships can easily lead to one that offers benefits that may constitute to physical cheating. And that can lead to a failed relationship between couples.



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