Forgiving an Affair

forgive an affairFaith is one of the integral core of a relationship. When faith is broken the relationship is already like floating on thin air especially when the cause of its break down is due to infidelity.

The discovery of infidelity brings shock, numbness and anger towards one’s partner. It creates a very high form of depression as the clueless party does not have any idea of what was her partner doing behind her back wherein in fact she is already a part of a wretched relationship which is far from her so-called harmonious relationship.

Forgiving and accepting a partner due to his or her affair is hard to do. Yet if your partner wants to still save your ‘in a way’ dying relationship mind that you matter the most than the third party in your relationship.

So then, when you already made up your mind and decided to forgive your partner please observe the following guidelines so to make sure that you or rather your partner is undergoing the healthy forgiving process.

Looking at Both Sides

Most of the time the party whose not at fault tend to merely look at one side of the story which is "He cheated" no matter how hard her man is telling her that he is sorry and that it will never happen again. There are different reasons why a particular affair occurred. Being upset is understandable.

On the other hand it is wise to keep an open mind and face all the facts of the case ‘calmly’ because this is the only way for a couple who wants to start again to understand each other and learn from their mistakes. Learn where, how and why did the certain affair occurred because for all you know the problem started from you as well.

Accepting the Fault that was Made

Everyone makes mistakes and for every mistake is a lesson. Partnership is also about growing together and learning from each others mistake. It is hard for someone to forgive their partner for doing something grave. Yet if you agree to work things out once more with your partner it is a must that you already embrace what has been done and move on from there.

Never Reiterate

No Verbal Abuse… PLEASE. One must understand that the guilty party also suffered an extreme emotional depression during and especially after the discovery of his or her affair. You partner will not decide to try working or fixing your relationship if you do not really matter to her. It is painful enough to learn that you are fooling your beloved do not add more burden to your partner’s heart.

Reiterating the fault that he or she did is like opening a healing wound with a knife all over and over again. When you forgive someone you acknowledge their mistake and move one from there. Do not look back all over again because your partner is smart enough to understand that he or she made a mistake and already learned from it.

Live the Good Life

Life the life that you want with your partner as if nothing bad just happened. It is best not to hold back any emotions for him or her. Show your sweetheart that your love for her is unconditional and that no matter what will happen you will stay at her side because you love her so much and you are sticking to your till death do us part oath.


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