Gadgets to Catch a Cheating Mate

gadgets to catch cheaterCheating and infidelity are as ancient as humanity itself. Suspicious wives have been around since the gods, but unlike goddess Hera, the average human wife does not have super powers to find out if cheating god Zeus is up to something he shouldn’t be, let alone have the powers to plot out sweet divine punishment or revenge.

But fear not, there are ways to catch your husband if he’s up to no good. And no it has nothing to do with stalking. I mean this is the 21st century. Think high-tech.

Cell Phone

Cell phones are increasingly becoming more and more high tech. You have calls, sms, pictures, music, videos, what have you. And what’s even more amazing is the increasing growing size of the storage. All that information that can be stored can be very useful, helpful with regards to the activities of the owner – in this case, your husband.

What you want to take a look at: call logs, inbox, outbox, sent items, gallery. There should be some fairly telling – if not incriminating information stored in them. On the reverse side, if the logs and everything else are clean, think: is your husband the type who takes time to clean up his phone. If not, that’s a hint.

PC or Laptop

Like a cell phone, your husband’s computer is also full of information about their browsing habits, emails, downloads, etc. Sure internet files can be cleaned up easily. But it would be difficult to erase all evidence. A common trick of guys is to create hidden folders. But they are away to access those folders.

Set them from invisible to viewable in the folder options. You can also see cached (cache is a temporary storage area where frequently accessed data can be stored for rapid access) internet information that is usually really hard to find in the windows directories.

USB sticks

Storage capacity keeps getting bigger every time. It’s small so it’s easy to carry around. It easy to use for transferring and downloading files to, from and off your computer. That’s why your guys like this gadget a lot.. It would be a good place to look for incriminating evidence.


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