How to Spot a Liar

liarIt is usual for some to prove everything, including lying on some stuff, in order to win your heart. This goes the same to your partner, who no matter how innocent-looking he or she may be could be cheating on you. We do not mean to make you paranoid, but honesty is a cornerstone of a good relationship. If you are curious on how to determine if your partner or date could be saying different from what he or she meant, read on.

Being overly defensive – If your partner starts accusing you of not trusting or loving him after asking of his whereabouts the previous night, there could be a problem. He would try to put you on a tense mode in order for the attention be veered away from him.

Being paranoid – If your partner aggravates your own sense of paranoia, it could mean that he is trying to conceal his infidelity. For instance, your partner would accuse you of seeing someone else. If this happens, snap back with "Why are you always paranoid, are you sure I have no reason to be either?"

Being over confident – There is nothing wrong with confidence, but some cheaters use this for bluffing. Some people think that by acting confidently, they can make others believe they have the power and credibility in everything they say or do.

Stuttering – Unless your partner really stutters in his speech, this is usually a factor that can easily spot a liar. If he tells you he is going to attend a seminar, ask him what the seminar is about, where is it located, and why is he going there. If he replies with "I can’t explain that", then he could be hiding something. Another reply called "I don’t remember" can be interpreted as that he does not care looking back on his unfaithfulness. If this happens, do not jump in right away. Use this for further investigation.

Pausing before answering – Another factor that may need further investigation. If your partner would take forever to answer a simple yes or no, he could be collecting his thoughts and trying to make up stories to fool you.


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