How to Stop Jealousy in a Relationship

man jealousJealousy has always been a problem in many relationships. That green-eyed monster is always lurking somewhere, ready to cook up some trouble and strain in the relationship. It is important that partners should know how to deal with jealousy and know when to stop it the moment that it tries to affect the relationship.

Jealousy can easily destroy an relationship. All means should be done to stop it whenever such feelings crop up. One of the best ways to stop jealousy is by better communication between partners. Better communications would allow both man and woman to talk about what would make them jealous and understanding each one better.

Communication would also help partners establish guidelines in the relationship that would determine what would be acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This would help a lot in taking the uncertainties away that usually develop into jealousy in most relationships.

Jealousy may come into a relationship by way of suspicion. Being suspicious of your partner would easily tell that you do not trust him or her. And sometimes such suspicions are not based on facts but merely by way of emotions and insecurities.

The best way to stop jealousy is by remaining objective and trying to get to the root of the suspicion rather than make emotions fuel it towards jealousy. And more importantly, trust on your partner will play a big part on stopping jealousy. This is also the part where better communication will help clear things up. Being open and honest about your feelings toward your partner may help put everything into perspective.

When dealing with jealousy, it is also important to seek the help of a friend. Try to have an objective buddy who can tell you what’s right and wrong especially if you feel that you are harboring that green-eyed monster. Sometimes jealousy can make a person become blind to what reality is. It would take an objective friend to tell you if you are already behaving in an irrational manner. An honest friend can always make you realize what is right and if your emotions are just getting the best of you.

Another way to stop jealousy is by building up on self-confidence and self-esteem. Insecurity about oneself can easily lead one to become jealous. If you begin to lack e assurance that your partner is still attracted to you, then you might become an easy prey to jealousy. By just being confident and sure about yourself and your partner would help stop jealousy from becoming a problem in your relationship.



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