Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

shutterstock_144127027Every relationship is far from perfect. There are times when the cracks come out in the open. By then, you hear about rumors of infidelity and cheating. They have become a threat to any relationship once they happen.

Cheating is a means of breaking the trust in a relationship. It can cause hurt, pain and regret to the aggrieved. The are many reasons why people in relationships cheat. Some of the reasons apply to men while some happen to most often to women. Here are some of those reasons.

Bored Of Routine

Some relationships can get accustomed to doing the same things day in and day out. After a time, some can get quite bored with it. Some people begin to look for challenges and a break from the normal routine. It is just unfortunate that some people resort to cheating as a way to get out of the routine.

Means Of Escape

There are times when a partner may feel trapped in a stressful relationship. They feel that they are doing things that they get tired of doing. They wish to look for a way to escape from the world that they have put themselves into. One escape some people can think of is to cheat on someone else who offers them something different for a change.

Period Of Confusion

There are times when people can get confused about their relationship. They begin to doubt if they have made the right decision. Certain struggles and hardships can certainly cause some people to entertain other things coming into their head. It is during such times that people can make mistakes.

Act Of Revenge

A partner may feel slighted or hurt by the other. Cheating may also be committed as an act of revenge. It aims to let the other feel the same hurt and pain. But in the end, the action makes both partners bitter.

Self-Esteem Issues

Some people in a long relationship can sometimes begin to have doubts about their appearance. Age and time can cause them to think whether they are still attractive. This thoughts can certainly be amplified if the partner seems to show a diminished concern for the relationship. They begin to suffer from low self-esteem. Because of this, some people try to reaffirm if they still can attract other people. Some try to look for it through other means, by getting into affairs with people who make them feel special and attractive.

Sense Of Thrill

Some people cheat because they get a different kind of thrill from it. The feeling that they are doing something at the risk of getting caught gives them an excitement that they look to experience again and again. People who cheat this way only care for the adventure and buzz that they get from it. They do not usually care for the relationship or the consequences.


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