Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

happy coupleNo matter how we would exert so much effort in keeping a relationship (whether this is marriage, dating, or friendship), there are some factors that would make your partnership fail. For one thing, most of us tend to set ourselves aside when in a relationship, giving more priority to your partner. However, if we do not devote some of our time towards ourselves, it would eventually ruin your relationship—not to mention your personal health. What are the mistakes that people should avoid when it comes to any partnerships?

Not setting each other’s boundaries – Some people tend to please everyone else and would meet everyone else’s need before their own. The problem is that this so-called negligence can come back to haunt their health and happiness, especially once they reach middle age. Learn to say “no” once in a while. You don’t have to follow every partner’s commands and requests.

Holding on to “negative” friends – There eventually would come a time when you and your friend do not seem to be having the same “wavelength.” You don’t have much in common anymore, or maybe your friend is always in crisis and yet never interested in helping you when it’s your time of need. It is important to either move on or change your expectations.

Having friends with benefits – You may find it tempting to have sex with a good-looking friend especially when you feel lonely and depressed, but don’t do it. Situations such as these would only become messy and complicated eventually, even if we all like to think that people are casual about sex in this modern world.

Shutting down your sexuality – Women tend to experience low sex drive for various reasons, which would often clash with men’s sense of intimacy that they often get through sex. When women would not feel sexually available to their men, the guys would not feel romantic or intimately connected to their partners. Try having sex at least every two weeks, and if problems arise get help as soon as possible.

Not making time for your friends – You have so many things going on. You have your career, family obligations, and daily tasks that take up so much time. So much that you could wither those friendships that you have established and flourished the past years. Socializing with friends can boost one’s energy and make themselves feel connected to the world around them. Make sure to devote some ample time with friends such as a meeting on a coffee shop, a lunch meeting, exercise class, manicure, a walk, anything that you and your friends like.

Prioritizing your kids too much – We all want to be the greatest parents. As much as our kids need to be a priority, we have to provide quality time to our marriage as well. Your children need you, but the greatest gift you can give them is a model of a good and healthy relationship.


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