Signs of Cheating

sign of cheating

here is no such thing as a perfect relationship. So even if you might be in love with whom you thought as your better half, there’s always a chance that he or she may be cheating on you. Contrary to what you may think, you might not be the center of your partner’s universe after all.

If you sense that your partner is cheating, you’ll have to start paying attention, as she’ll likely cover his or her tracks better than a practiced thief. Here are several signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend might be spreading the love around too much and, while they may not at all imply that he or she is in fact cheating on you, serve as a warning that something is amiss with your relationship.

Loss of sex drive

Unless your partner has been in intense stress from work, then a sudden loss of interest in sex may indicate that your loved one is getting it elsewhere.


A cheating partner usually feels bad deep inside him or her and this guilt can come out through being defensive or placing the blame on you.

Examples of defensiveness include when your partner refuses to answer even the simplest and fairest questions, only answering them only after repeating them back to you, or when your partner would question your queries about his sudden change of schedule. You should also look for signs of aggressiveness from your partner.

Too much excuses

This may sound too obvious, but comments about needing to work late, having to take a business trip, or needing to unexpectedly meet with a client, can all be signs of cheating.

Telephone hang-ups

There would be times that your partner’s new liaison is bold enough to call your home number. If you answer the phone, the caller would hang up, but not if your partner answers the cal. Watch out for frequent hang-ups.

Showering you with unexplained gifts

Besides defensiveness, your cheating partner may try to throw you off track by being extra nice. Flowers, chocolate, and other gifts that are given on ordinary days could be a sign of cheating.

Your partner detaches from your family

The fact that he or she no longer wants to attend family functions or hang out with your friends may be indicative of "cheater’s remorse."

He or she may feel guilty enough about cheating as it is, and having to face your friends and relatives may be just another painful reminder of those sins. The less time your partner immerses in your circles, the less mental anguish he or she will have to endure.

Your partner begins to point out your every flaw

Gone are the days when the two of you could communicate with such harmonious precision. Lately, every sentiment you express would set your partner off, as he or she finds any excuse to last out at you.

A mysterious friend inches his or her way into the picture

Whether it’s someone she claims is a co-worker, or an old friend from "way back," your partner keeps this friendship under wraps and is hesitant in sharing any general details about them, much less introduce you.

You feel a shift in your partner’s daily priorities

Suddenly, there are no more implied Sunday dates at the movies, or something always comes up on your dance class. There is a tendency for most philanderers to schedule meetings with their new flame as often a they can, resulting in a complete disregard for previous engagements.

Your partner’s sudden change of style

Remember that just as you tried to impress each other in the beginning of your relationship, so too will your partner have a sudden urge to improve his or her fashion style, or alter physical appearance for the other person.

Your partner slowly breaks away

A big sign that something has gone awry comes when he or she becomes more autonomous. Your partner doesn’t say "we" anymore, but rather "I." Moreover, he or she does more things on their own, and stops consulting you about future plans.


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