Signs Your Man May Be Cheating

coupleCheating on another woman is one of the top reasons why many romantic relationships fail, and most of the time the woman in the relationship learns about the cheating when it is too late.  If you are in a relationship and suspect that your man may be cheating, it is best learn about these "red flags" to determine if your suspicions have a grain of truth to it.

Your man becomes overly defensive

Cheating partners tend to take out their anger and frustration on the person whom they are being unfaithful to.  Be on the lookout when your boyfriend begins to pick fights with you, or even accuses you of strange behaviors to deflect their own actions.

Your man tends to "hide" stuff

Caught your man talking on the cell phone then suddenly dropping the call once he sees you?  Noticing that your man quickly changing the computer screen once you are approaching?  Could not find his credit card statements lately?  If your boyfriend begins to hide things from you, it can be taken as a sign that he is cheating.

Your man suddenly becomes unavailable

Does your man suddenly become "busy" that he cannot take you out on a date?  Is his phone turned off for long periods of time, or leaves it unanswered more often than usual?  Does he become unavailable all of a sudden to attend social events, or go out in places that were commonplace?  Your boyfriend’s suddenly unavailability can be a sign that he is cheating on you, and at the same time does not tell the other woman that he is already in a relationship.

Your man suddenly gives you presents for no apparent reason

Your partner may feel guilty for cheating on you, yet continue their infidelity.  To compensate these guilty feelings, he may give you flowers, chocolates, or other gifts out of nowhere.

Your man suddenly has a change in sex drive

Different people deal with cheating differently, including changes in sexual behavior.  You notice that your boyfriend either becomes more or less sexually active towards you for no apparent reason, or begins suggesting for new moves into the bedroom.

If any of these signs occurs with your boyfriend, do not confront him outright.  Instead, talk with your partner and tell him about his sudden changes in behavior.  Ask for his reason why this is happening and analyze whether he is being truthful to you.


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