The Unexpected Emotions You Feel After A Partner’s Affair

shutterstock_149076365Infidelity can do such damage into any relationship. Discovering that your partner has an affair can bring in a flood of emotions. There are the common ones such as anger, sadness, confusion, betrayal, and sense of loss. These emotions are but normal reactions to a cheating and unfaithful partner. However, some not-so-common emotions can also befall a victim of infidelity. Here are some of them.

You feel more possessive of your partner.

There are people who, after discovering that their partner cheated on them, they begin to feel more possessive. Even though they have been cheated, they still believe that their partner belongs to them and no one else. Some people feel some added attraction to their partner who cheated on them. It may be the feeling of suddenly discovering someone else who might be taking the partner away. The feeling of separation can cause a partner to feel more possessive.

You feel ashamed for yourself.

Some people who discover an infidelity sometimes feel more ashamed for themselves rather than anger. The sudden news may make them think on where they made the mistake. Instead of getting angry with their partner, they try to look into the past to see where they went wrong. There are people who blame the mistake by a partner as a mistake they may have made in the past. And for this, some people feel shame.

You feel relief.

Some people may have already sensed that there is something wrong with the relationship. Somehow, they can’t seem to figure it out. Therefore, when they discover their partner’s infidelity, they can sometimes have this sense of relief. The relief comes as a result of knowing that they were right all along.

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