Ways to Apologize for Cheating On Your Partner

sad coupleGirlfriend # 1, your girlfriend for two years, had been frantically calling you for hours. You’re not answering her calls because you’re in bed with Girlfriend # 2, your girlfriend, well, since three hours ago. The relationship wrecker she was, Girlfriend # 2 snatched the cell phone from you and told Girlfriend # 1 how she liked your tender kisses.

It has been three days now and your girlfriend hasn’t returned any of your calls. You know very well that what happened between you and the other woman was only a one-time affair and that you love your girlfriend very much. And you’ll do anything to win her back.

Make or break

Cheating can make or break a relationship. It can make a relationship in that it is a test of how two people love each other. After the cheating episode, many couples are back in each other’s arms again. On the other hand, it can break a relationship. Which is usually the case.

Communication is a key in every relationship. If you’ve cheated your loved one, you have the option to say how sorry you are. It is always best to apologize personally. Explain what really happened and why did it happen. Did the other woman/man schemed to get you? Were you too drunk? Whatever the scenario, you have to really understand what brought you to cheat. If apologizing in person is not possible, you may write a letter containing your sincerest apology for the betrayal.

First things first

Before grabbing a pen and paper, or before facing the monitor of your PC, you have to reflect on what happened. Think about the things that led you to the betrayal. Then think about whether you want to continue with the relationship or move on. If you still love your partner, write an apology letter pleading to keep your relationship going. If you’ve decided on the latter, write an apology letter asking for forgiveness so that you two can formally close the relationship and move on.

Writing an apology letter

First, you must decide how you would like to reference or greet the person. Do you want to greet him or her "Dear Sweetie"? or "Dear"…followed by the name. It is better to greet the person using the name you always call him or her.

Next, the first sentences should be as gentle as possible. The person may crumple the paper or delete the email if you hurt his or her feelings with offending statements about how the person not understanding what really happened or that the person is being very irrational. You should be apologizing in the opening sentences.

Apologies should come from the bottom of your heart. Talk about that you regret that you’ve cheated. Tell the person that you wish it never happened. Make him or her feel that you’re regretful of the things you’ve done. After apologizing, talk about how much you love the person. Even if your relationship is going to end, you might have feelings left towards him or her. Let the person know this. It would help in moving on. Finally, talk about where you’d like your relationship go from here.

What not to write

In writing an apology letter, don’t explain full details of what exactly happened as it woul only enrage him or her. Don’t give the person reasons for your actions. Remember, there is no sound reason for cheating. Don’t point your finger to the person for your cheating.



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