6 Cheap Date Night Ideas with Your Spouse

It is never cheesy to go out on a date with your spouse, and just because the economy is struggling does not mean date nights should be eliminated. Readers of About.com shared their suggestions to have a great date night with your husband or wife that are either free or at least affordable. You can even think of your cheap dates with your spouse based on these ideas.

Share each others interests and hobbies – If you and your spouse share the same interests and hobbies, then that’s a good start for a date night. Whether it is baking cookies or playing fantasy football, you could either do activities together or join a group with similar interests. If the two of you have different hobbies, you could teach each other’s favorite activities or start a new hobby together.

Go for fitness-themed dates – Go on long walks with the kids at the local park; make all-vegetarian meals at least once a week; join marathons and walkathons together.

Take a scenic drive – Leave the kids to their grandparents (or babysitter) for a while and take an afternoon drive in the countryside. Eat out in a cozy restaurant or local diner as the sun sets and absorb the beauty of the scenery around you.

Coffee dates – Take your spouse out to a local cafe about once a month. Talk about each other–how your work has been, how the kids are at school–over hot cups of coffee.

Free movie screenings – Check if your local government offers free movie screenings, usually during the spring and summer. Some cities offer free movie tickets to eligible (mostly senior) couples, while others put up free outdoor movie screenings that you could double as a nighttime picnic with your spouse.

Join charitable activities – Search for local non-profit organizations that you can help by offering your services for free, whether it is building houses for families affected by hurricanes or fostering animals from shelters that have too many animals to take care of.

Source: About.com

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