6 Feng Shui Love Tips

Feng shuiFeng shui experts believe that you can have a flourishing love life if you adjust the arrangement of things in your home accordingly. Gloomy rooms, self-absorbed artwork, and piles of clutter can shoo Cupid away from your home. Here, then, are simple Feng shui tips for finding the perfect partner, or for keeping the love alive in your marriage or long-term relationship.

Surround yourself with images of happy couples

Works of art have a significant impact on our subconscious. When you always see photos of lone figures or depressing images, you’ll become less receptive to love.

So you should replace these images and surround yourself with paintings, sculptures, photos, and knickknacks of happy figures, such as happy couples. Representations of happiness will attract love.

Don’t push your bed against the wall

Pull your bed away from the wall if you want to attract a lover who will make you happy everyday. There should be enough breathing space between the wall and the bed. You’ll be surprised to wake up one day cuddling with the one you love instead of hugging and drooling on your pillow.

Also, you have to move your bed away from the door line and keep your room door closed every night to ward off any bad luck.

Make cozy seating arrangements

Single chairs will tell your potential suitors or partners, "Hey, back off. I don’t need you!" If you’re searching for that elusive love of your life, try to make cozy seating arrangements like sofas and love seats.

Arranging chairs at comfortable angles relative to each other will send the message that you’re ready and are looking for a relationship.

Go for a queen-sized bed

Huge mattress surely doesn’t cultivate intimacy. Here’s what you have to do if you’re searching for the One, or if you’d like to keep the love burning in your relationship: invest in a warm, comfortable queen-sized bed. If you can’t make this switch, make sure that you have patterned sheets to spice up your sex life.

Make the "love and relationship gua" a love shrine

In Feng shui, the love and relationship gua symbolizes your personal relationships. You can find it in the right quadrant of any room of your house, using your home’s front door as a reference point.

You have to keep this area inviting and intimate if you’d like to create more love or sustain and improve the relationship. Put a love seat on this special spot and illuminate it with adjustable lighting.

Think pink

Pink and other warm colors like red can add more zest to your love life. Rose, coral, salmon, and other soft shades can attract a gentle mate who is attentive to all your needs, whereas bold colors such as burgundy, scarlet, and crimson can attract a lover who is a passionate adventurer.



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