Attracting Love with Feng Shui

The Chinese art of geomancy, or Feng Shui, has captured the imagination of many Westerners, amazed at how simple placement of elements or manipulating the spaces within your home can increase energy to attract love, wealth, and lifelong happiness.

Many people may doubt how a simple redecoration would "attract good energy," but it does make sense if you look at how better you feel living in a brightly colored room for instance.

If you intend on using Feng Shui in order to attract or enhance love, there are various methods to do it depending on the direction your house faces, as well as how it is shaped or even the element you were born into you need to check your Chinese astrology for that.

Here are some things you can do to enhance the energy in your bedroom, an area which Feng Shui associates with love and affection.

Bring more spaces

Cluttered closets or piles of objects from your past relationships are not ideal and give off negative energy.

You need to make room in your life for love as you clear enough room around your personal space for another person to join you.

Put at least two pillows, two side tables, and a clear space under the bad in order the energy would flow freely.

Face the right direction

In Feng Shui, the direction that your head points toward while sleeping is an important aspect in attracting love.

You first need to figure out your "kua number" free calculators are available online, then determine your best direction for your head to face.

You also need to make sure that your feet are not pointing directly at your door.

Sleep well

In Feng Shui, a good sleep means that your bed is strong, stable, and all your own. This means you are not reusing a bed shared in previous relationships.

If you could not sleep well in your bed, try buying new sheets, having a solid headboard, and keep the bed at a comfortable height.

Remove or cure energy destroyers

There are many things that could destroy the flow of energy in your bedroom, such as large mirrors, beams over beds, plants, dark colors, artworks depicting single people, televisions, and computers.

You need to remove these energy destroyers to attract the love energy. Remember that only things that are meant for sleep, sex, or clothing should be kept in the bedroom.


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