Dancing for an Happy Marriage

dancing coupleDancing promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves your sense of well-being. But do you know that it can improve your marriage, too? The same benefits apply, regardless of the type of dance that you and your wife or husband want to engage in.

Here are a few good reasons for you and your partner to keep those dancing shoes on:

Dancing as a form of exercise

Dancing with your spouse is a fun way to lose those extra pounds because it can burn as much as 250 to 400 calories per hour.

Dancing for romance

Dancing with your spouse will give you more opportunities to hold each other close and relive the sweet moments that you two had as a couple before you were married. It can also bring back old memories and keep the two of you reminiscing about the good old times you’ve had together.

Dancing for sensuality

Dancing with your spouse brings out a sensual mood. Needless to say, this would be a healthy way to induce a more physical relationship.

Dancing for quality time

Dancing with your spouse will give you more time to spend with him or her. It will also provide you with the chance to have more physical contact.

Dancing for teamwork

Married couples are a team. Both parties work hand-in-hand in raising a family and taking care of that family. Dancing together would be like a "training ground" for married couples to work together harmoniously and effectively.

Dancing for open communication

Dancing with your husband or wife will encourage both of you to have a more open relationship, especially where communication is concerned. This is due to the closeness that will be even more developed as you learn to share the hobby of dancing together

Dancing precautions

This includes the assurance that the dance floor is fit for dancing, and that the steps that you and your spouse want to execute is within the bounds of your abilities. Once these things are settled, you can now engage in dancing as a hobby because it is also a fun and enjoyable way to relive the magic in your relationship, as well as to uphold a healthier lifestyle for your spouse and yourself.


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