Date Ideas for Married Couples

couple celebrateDating is not exclusive to single people. In fact, dating your spouse is a great way to succeed in keeping your marriage together and experience true love. Date nights can work magic in your marriage by doing the following suggestions.

Have a date outside of the house – Both spouses should not do any house chores towards date night. Home would only remind them of the practical and logistical matters. Besides, it isn’t a date if you take care of your children at the same time.

Do activities that would make you face each other – No movies, concerts, basketball games, or other entertainment activities that require you face in the same direction. Make yourself to be the entertainment through activities like a face-to-face dinner, playing tennis, etc. However, if you plan on going to the movies, make sure to complement it with a couple of hours talking over dinner.

Don’t invite anyone else – Date night is for you and your spouse. This includes not participating in any social event.

Schedule at least a couple of hours for date night – Date nights are not like brief lunch dates you once had with your spouse. It should take the whole evening.

Do it consistently – Probably the hardest part of date night is consistent inspiration. You may initiate date night this week, but what about next week and the week after that? Try finding a babysitter who is committed to work the same hours you spend on your date night every week.

Keep the connection – If you go to the mall and read a magazine while your spouse tries on clothes, then it is not a date. However, if you help your spouse pick out an outfit and have fun offering your opinion, you would connect.

Get creative – Experiment and find fun things to do together. Try going to the local amusement park, or bring a board game to a coffee house, or have a picnic in the park. Whatever you do, keep the focus on each other.

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