Do You Have a Good Marriage?

marriageA good marriage doesn’t usually happen overnight. A good marriage is something that couples have to continually work on and maintain. The problem with some couples is that they think a good and successful marriage is something that once you have it, you have it. When you don’t, then you can do nothing about it.

But in fact, what most couples fail to realize is that a good marriage takes work. It is like a gem that you do not just throw away anywhere and then forget about it. As valuable as a gem a good marriage is, it must be placed somewhere safe, protected from the harsh elements and kept at the best place in the home.

In order to know that you have a good marriage, there are some factors that should come into play. Couples should know that all good marriages are based not solely on love alone. There are other things that must be maintained aside from love in order to keep a good marriage last as well as happy.


A good marriage should stand if the couple have similar tastes, interests and values. Partners in a marriage should realize that they have to be compatible enough in order to cherish living and loving together.

If not, then couples should have high tolerance levels for each other. Incompatible couples have to make certain compromises that more often than not can hurt the marriage. But if couples are compatible with each other, then it will be easier to understand one another as well as make decisions together.


Couples having respect with one another is another foundation of a good marriage. Husbands having a higher sense of respect towards their wives and vice versa tends to maintain a healthier and long-term relationships as what good marriages are made of.

A serious lack of respect in couples ultimately leads confrontation that can result in conflict, hurling insults and ridicule that won’t help make a marriage any better. Lack of respect towards one another will lead to a loss of love and then a breakdown in the marriage.


Another important facet of a good marriage is maturity. In order to keep and maintain a good marriage, couples should have reached a certain point of maturity based on their experiences and motivation to keep the marriage healthy. Mature couples are able to make decisions more rationally.

Mature couples are more able to take responsible for their actions and rectify what mistakes that might have been committed. The couple are more able to look beyond their own selves and see situations from the view of their partners. All these can help make a good marriage last.


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