Having a Second Honeymoon

second honeymoonYou may have heard of "the seven-year itch," a term usually referred to married couples who lose their passion and intimacy towards each other after several years of marriage bliss. 

You take it as a joke at first, but days go by and you beginning to realize that your spouse begins to give you a cold treatment.  At first you suspect that your spouse may be cheating, but you found out that it is simply because the two of you are drifting apart.

If you and your husband want to keep this marriage, then you need to take action.  Rekindle that passion towards each other that has slowly died down because of mortgages, careers, taking care of the children among other things.  One of the things to bring back that spark is renewing your wedding vows and having a second honeymoon after that. 

Unlike your first wedding, the environment is much more relaxed and gets to know each other all over again.  If you want, you could also skip the renewing of vows and go straight to honeymooning, and we have a lot of great suggestions for you and your spouse.

Create a "sex vow" with your spouse

One report describes that more and more married couples suffer from "sexless marriage," and several couples took action by creating a vow with each other that they will have sex everyday for a year.  Make sure that you are prepared to take this vow seriously without backing down during this course. 

To make your lovemaking nights more interesting, talk to each other what you want to do and how you want to do it.  You may also want to explore more kinky (yet safe) techniques such as erotic spanking, role playing, and even bondage.

Go on a weekend getaway

Find someone to take care of your kids while you and your spouse go on another town to spend a weekend with just the two of you. 

Resorts and hotels are venues of choice, and make sure to do activities such as massages, skiing lessons, dinner date, and more intimate stuff together.  Avoid making a heavy schedule to lessen your stress.  You may want to check with the kids once a day.

Do something different

If the two of you do not have the time to spend long honeymoons together, try finding a day where the two of you can do an activity that you have not tried before.  Learn how to skydive, for instance, or rent a yacht and watch the sun set as the two of you sip on champagne.

Bring a special gift

You may want to give your spouse a very special gift before the two of you go to bed.  It should not have to be expensive or commemorate any occasion, but it is the thought that counts.


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