Heating up the Romance

romanceTired of the same routine? Have you forgotten the last time you were with your spouse alone? Thinking of spicing up the romance? It looks like the perfect time for you and the hubby to have a romantic getaway together. Even with the kids underfoot and your jobs and chores threatening to overtake you, there is still time for a romantic night with just you and your husband.

Your marriage doesn’t have to take a backseat to your daily responsibilities. A happy marriage requires some time together. Just because you are married doesn’t mean that the romance has to fizzle. Here are some tips to make date night magical, even if it is only for one night a week.

Plan your date. The rules for dating still count. Having a plan for your date will make it a success. If you are going on a picnic plan on where you will leave your kids. Make dinner reservations at your restaurant.

Create the mood. If you have babies and can’t leave the house, there are still ways to create that romantic setting. Set up your dinner in front of the fireplace. Set some candles in your bedroom and have dinner there.

Get out of the house. Let’s face having your date night at home doesn’t make it much of a date. Being at home will remind you of the kids and other matters when you should be concentrating on your spouse.

No entertainment that requires you to face the same direction. Talking and being together is the main purpose of date night. You are each other’s entertainment for the evening. Just be together. If you are going to watch a movie or a play make sure you talk to each other over dinner about it.

Don’t bring the entire family. Why go out at all if you’re just bringing the kids along? Date night is just for you and your spouse. Don’t attend anything social.

Schedule an entire night. Tell your babysitter or your oldest child that you’ll be gone an entire evening.

Dress the part. It might help the mood if you dress up for date night. You’ll be able to surprise your hubby and you’ll feel good about getting out of your sweats for an evening.

Play your song. This may sound overly cheesy but request the band to play your song. If your husband doesn’t remember it anymore, why don’t you remind him?

Eliminate any distractions. Don’t bring your cell phones. Don’t even think of turning on the television or answering the door.

Be creative. Instead of doing the usual dinner out why not try something new? Go boating or go to the local fair. Take a nature hike. Just focus on each other.

Date night can help transform your marriage but only if you are both in the spirit of it. Try to connect with your spouse. Make date night a weekly ritual. Date night might lead to more interesting things later on.


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