How to Tell Someone You Love Them

man loveTelling someone you love them can be both the hardest and the easiest thing to say. Basically, to truly let someone see that you love them you simply need to make them feel loved. And if you really do love them, doing this should come naturally.

Plan the day – Think about when and where you want to tell her. Is there a special place you want to be? A certain day? Do you want to plan something special or just something simple.

Prepare yourself – Set your mood and be romantic. Buy her flowers or a romantic gift. Prepare a dinner with candles or a picnic with a bottle of wine.

Open your feelings – Tell your partner how you feel being with them, and how much you enjoy your time together. Be specific about what you really appreciate about being with them.

Look directly your partner – take your partner hand and tell them how positive you feel about them. Tell them what are the things you really like. Be honest and sincere.

Be prepared to your partner answer – Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your partner response if you are not sure it feels the same way about you.

Make your partner feel special – You can show your partner that you love them by simple things like spend quality time together, cuddle in bed at night and talk together. You can also send a sweet card or email to your partner during the day.


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