Is It Love or Lust?

love or lustYou feel deeply attracted to another person so much that you want to be with them, but up to what extent you feel toward the person? Your heart say that you are falling in love, but your head counters and claims it’s probably just your loins reacting. It is easy to know about physical sex, especially when it comes to how you do it, how much you do it, and how long you can do it. However, describing true love is a challenge.

True love involves a roller-coaster ride of emotions and sensations of ecstasy and despair going back and forth, but it is hard to tell whether you are feeling love or lust. If you look deep into your emotions you most likely realize how you really feel toward the person you are attracted to.

Lust involves infatuation – Sometimes you tend to get attracted to another person’s physical traits. You find your partner’s face gorgeous, with a toned body, a sexy accent, and even a fat checkbook that you could spend on. You begin to imagine what would happen if the two you get really intimate. However, can you imagine the two of you doing anything but sex and romance? If the two of you lack the compatibility on other levels, that "loving feeling" would simply fade away from your body. True love, however, looks beyond the body and wealth of a person.

Love never follows a checklist – The things we used to think mattered most for a person we would marry no longer do. You may have insisted before that you could only fall in love with someone with a certain qualities such as education attainment, IQ, personal hygiene, behavior, belonging to the same church among others; but true love makes all those things irrelevant and immaterial. As one writer once said, "Love has reasons which reason alone cannot fathom."

Feeling in love is unique – True love makes you soar through emotions and feelings that you have never felt before. This special feeling is unique, different from the usual physical attraction, and most of all special.

Love is blind, deaf, and insensitive – People would say you are crazy, but you still defend the person you love, even telling them that they do not know your beloved the way you do. They may see the flaws of a person, but for you these same qualities make your beloved adorable.

Love changes you – One notable thing about being in love is not that it remains forever, but that it enables you to do things you have never done before. You quit your job and applied where your partner works, you stand up to your parents, you hang out with a new set of friends, and so on. Your passion towards that person many not last, but your love will evolve into something deeper, purer, and more meaningful.


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