Love Vs Attachment

Love Vs Attachment

Love can be quite an abstract concept for many people. Most find it hard to know whether what they feel is love or it is merely an attachment. Although the feelings between the two may be similar, there are certain differences between them. It is important that you know how to differentiate between love and attachment. Here are some that you should always bear in mind.

Long Term Vs. Short Term
How long a relationship may last can determine if what you have is love or simply just an attachment to one another. You will know it is love when it is able to stand the test of time. Challenges and trials may come. An attachment may not likely survive them. But love can get over such obstacles and rise and become even stronger after the experience.

Encouraging Vs. Discouraging
Another key sign to determine or separate love from typical attachment is through treatment of each other’s company. When it is love, there is always that encouraging feeling that couples may have for each other. In a way, it helps build up the relationship. But in the case of attachment, discouraging signs always abound. There is always that battle between egos to see who is above the other. In a way, the relationship becomes destructive.

Freedom Vs. Control
Love can be liberating. It does not try to encumber each other’s personal growth or ambitions. Instead, love tries to nurture and help each other enjoy each other’s company as well as personal privacy. Attachment usually aims to just tries to keep one partner close through sheer authority and harsh control. It is not always the best way to stay together.


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