Marriage and Money

marriage and moneyThere is no denying the fact that the value of money is high. The demand for financial security is increasing as more and more people experience hunger and poverty on an international level. Everyone puts a high regard for a comfortable life, and that life can be attained when one has money to spend.

But, at what cost should you sacrifice the things that you hold dear for money?

Sadly, some people sacrifice their own happiness for money. They marry people that they do not love for the sake of financial security. While this reason may have a practical purpose, it still doesn’t seem right to decide to live with someone you do not love just because that person is rich.

The marriages of many people nowadays break up too soon and too easily. Survey shows that the reason behind the rampant failure in marriages is that people marry for the wrong reasons. Aside from money, other wrong reasons to marry are:

  • someone else’s influence
  • family business interests
  • to have a child
  • loneliness
  • age

We tend to overlook the sense of permanence of marriage because at the back of our minds, we know that even if our first marriage failed, we can always have a second or third shot at this deal. Of course, this is a wrong state of mind.

We should remember that marriage is important in upholding the family and that the children within the family will also be affected by the failure of the marriage of the parents. So, think clearly before deciding to tie the knot. Do not marry for the wrong reasons.


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