Recognizing the Signs of True Love

sign of true loveSigns of true love abound that people can recognize if they only open their eyes. The different signs of true love can manifest itself in many different ways. If you are able to see the signs while with your partner, then it might lead to a lasting and successful relationship.

For some the signs of true love may show itself in a person in the physical sense. People think that they sometimes do not feel like eating and just think of a loved one all day. Others think that a sign of true love can be loss of sleep or terrible feelings of sadness whenever a loved one is far away. In part, they might be one of the indicators of true love. But there are other signs that can show if it is really true love.

In a relationship, a sign of true love is when a person can happily explain why he or she is no longer on the dating scene. People can hide the fact that they are not dating anymore and lie about it. But with true love, a person can readily explain when people ask why don’t they see him or her going out often with others.

Another sign of true love can show in the way people feel about spending money. People experiencing true love seems to put value more on a relationship than on money. A once frugal person may suddenly become indulgent when it comes to pleasing a loved one. The point isn’t really all about the money at all. It is the willingness to reassess one’s fundamental beliefs that is brought about by valuing another person and changing his or her perspective and opinion.

A good relationship has the power to change people. If being around a loved one makes you want to examine or change a part of yourself, that might already be a sign that true love in the air. Wanting to change for someone may not be love itself, but it indicates respect and a willingness to learn from another person. True love in a relationship is where you feel safe enough to change, a thing that can be a scary thought for most people.

Another sign of true love is that one starts becoming more open about one’s personal life. It is not so hard being yourself anymore. Even when not in a relationship, being yourself can already be a big deal and may be hard for people to easily show others. Some people try to hide who they really are due to insecurity and fear of not being accepted.

But when you truly love someone, these concerns disappear. You suddenly would want a loved one to know who you are inside, to accept and love you for all that you are and not just for who you want others to believe you to be. True love can make you become honest and direct. It gives you the courage to take chances.

What makes truly being in love so great is that it gives you the choice to just be yourself. But although there is fear or concern that someone whom you really love may change their mind and leave if you try to show the real you, you just can’t bear not having your loved one knowing the real you.

You want him or her to be happy and one way of doing that is by being who you really are. Living in an illusion can’t be sustained over time. And because of true love, you wouldn’t want to hurt someone by living a lie.


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