Reviving Romance in Your Marriage

happy coupleWives can get into the habit of letting responsibilities in the home or family to get in the way of intimacy with their husbands. This has become an increasing problem with most women today.

More and more women have become too caught up their daily chores and tasks that they forget about spending quality time with their husbands. The end result would probably be a marriage that lacks romance. If this is not resolved, it may even cause the sparks to fade away in time.

Problem With Priorities

There are many reasons why a romance can fade in a marriage over time. Women may find themselves busier juggling work, doing household chores and taking care of the kids. The busy schedule and new priorities can easily put the romance on hold.

And with the husband also becoming busy at work, this can lead to spending lesser and lesser quality time with each other. Communication with the husband is mainly reserved for family and home issues that matter. Little of the conversation is spent on sharing thoughts, dreams and goals.

Issues With Kids

Another major obstacle to making a romance fade out in a marriage can be the kids. Wives may find it more important to spend their time with the kids rather than spending it with the husband. Having kids can cause a disconnect between husband and wife.

It may be a mutual consensus that the wife may put more priority on the kids. But such actions can usually help let romance in the marriage fade away if the couple do not find time to revive it. It can be easy for parents to focus on the kids rather on the marriage.

Reviving The Romance

In the course of the marriage, it may be the wives that will ultimately realize that the romance is slowly fading away from the marriage. The husband may be too busy to realize and may think that the marriage is still okay.

But with women more emotionally driven, it would only take some time for them to realize of what is happening to the romance in the marriage. As such, it may take the wife to act upon putting some romance back into the marriage, like asking their husbands on a date.

A Unique Idea

Finding time to ask the husband to go out on a date may be a unique idea to revive the romance once again. Husbands may find it interesting and exciting enough. The easiest way to set it is by knowing the time when the husband may have some time free for the occasion.

When a vacant schedule is available, the wife may then try to hire a babysitter or ask a relative to watch over the kids for awhile. The wife may then take a visit to the hair salon and to be made up for the special date.

The actual date may be as simple as a dinner or a night out. It can be done over lunch or just a stroll at the park. What is important here is that both husband and wife find that time to talk to each other again. Couples should try to connect with each other once again and try to relive or revive the romance in the marriage.

Spending more quality time need not be all glitz and glamor in the date. The important thing is the time to talk to each other and share intimate thoughts, dreams and sweet nothings to each other, a break from the usual family talk and work.


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