Romantic Love Songs

love musicEver had that experience where you’re so full of emotions, you are at lost for words? And then when you listen to some music, you feel that the music speaks what you can’t say? Did you experience that when you’re in love, music makes things even more beautiful. And when you’re feeling romantic and you’ll find that music helps create the mood.

What music to play depends entirely on the mood you want to create?

You are maybe in the mood for romantic-sweet.

I would definitely recommend "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin from the original soundtrack of the movie "Enchanted". It’s beautiful; it sweet and you can slow-dance to it. Just listening to the song and its lyrics can make you "feel in love". I recommend it after a ‘couple time’ candlelit dinner at home or a cozy, romantic little restaurant.

I also like "Brighter than Sunshine" by Aqualung. It’s a bit cheesy, but I can just imagine a sweet, sweet moment of just going on long walks with your boyfriend or running in the rain. Sigh. I also like a couple of songs by Marié Digby. The first one’s called "Spell". It’s a bit melancholic, but the lyrics and the piano-playing are beautiful. "Say it Again" is more upbeat, like a young girl in love.

You are maybe in the mood for romantic-sexy.

In which case, you would want to consider listening to "Lovely" by Michelle Tumes. It’s sweet. It’s sexy and almost a bit haunting. The lyrics are beautiful and it really sets the mood. Or you can listen to "Turning My Safety Off". It’s sexy in a slightly rock and roll sort of way (maybe it’s because the guitars at the beginning of the song). The band is called Sinosikat. Another great song from this band is "Magic". It is also sexy, but in a slightly funky way.

You can listen to Paula Cole’s "Feeling’ Love". It’s from the "City of Angels" soundtrack. The music is really sexy. Wait till you here the lyrics.


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