Romantic Weekends for Couples

romantic coupleSometimes, taking your partner to a weekend getaway is just what both of you need to rekindle your romantic flame and make a new connection. Making this weekend travel a romantic adventure can further enhance the benefits of the getaway. Try finding an activity that new to both of you and you would be able to bond while tackling new challenges and adventures.

Explore new locations – Take your partner to an exotic location either here or abroad. It could either be a white-sand beach of the Caribbean or a majestic mountain park in another state. Venturing into places that you would visit for the first time allows a couple to create an opportunity to learn and rediscover together.

Take a backpacking trip – Spend a few nights in isolation in the wilderness without distractions like TV or telephone, and let each other talk and catch up on the relationship. Backpacking allows you to work together as a couple, like preparing meals using simple equipment. Besides, having only each other to occupy each other’s time is an excellent weekend romantic adventure idea.

Doing something new – You could find a new activity that both of you would enjoy. If you haven’t tried bungee jumping, then try doing do. The excitement of engaging in a new activity couple with the closeness that you gain from spending time together is the recipe for a successful weekend romantic rendezvous.


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