Signs A Man Is Boyfriend Material

shutterstock_92932735Women always want to meet a guy who they can consider boyfriend material. Several dates will help them realize the type of man they are dating. But even then, they are not entirely sure if he makes a good boyfriend. Here are some signs that will help you determine whether the man you are dating will turn out to be a good boyfriend.

He has enough persistence in trying to see you.

Guys who are interested in women will usually go out of their way just to see them. You know that someone you are dating is of good boyfriend material if he is willing to meet up with you, even in your own turf. He is even willing to see you even if he lives several miles away on another part of city, town or state. Relationships are based on a desire to be together. This is what drives men to be persistent enough to see women they are interested in. They know that there are challenges to face and obstacles along the way. But they are willing to go through all that just to be together with you.

He lets you follow your dreams and ambitions.

You can tell if a guy is good boyfriend material by the way he talks about your dreams and ambitions. If he is willing to respect that you have your own dreams and life and allow you the freedom to chase them, then you have a guy that will understand your own needs in life and help you achieve them. He does not see it as funny no matter how unique and unusual your dreams may be. He supports you to go for it no matter what. He will be a type of boyfriend that will allow you your own space to grow as a human being.

He wants to meet up with your friends and family.

Many guys are not that keen to meet up with people close to you because they may not be taking you too seriously. Their interest in you may not extend to more than a casual relationship. If you are looking for a longer lasting relationship in the future, you can tell if the guy wishes the same if he does not makes excuses to meet up with your friends or family. He is confident enough to know your friends and family. It is a way for him to get to know you better. It may also be a sign that he is not the type to fool you or play with your feelings.

He doesn’t shy away from public displays of affection.

Body language tells a lot about a potential boyfriend. If your date is one who is holding your hand while walking or puts his arm around you now and then in public, that is showing that he is not shy to tell the public how he feels about you. In fact, he likes the idea of people seeing you together and have a close relationship. It indicates that he wants to have a relationship with you.



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