Stages of a Healthy Relationship

stage of a healthy relationshipsBuilding a long term relationship is a process. It goes through a series of stages that leads to a strong bond with your partner. A healthy relationship should go through these different stages in order to fully appreciate and build up a successful lifetime partnership with the opposite sex.

Courtship Stage

This is the most common of stages that people may recognize. It is the time when one begins to feel something special for someone they meet, see or get to know. When this special feeling takes shape, people would want to create a good impression to that special someone. Men begin to bring roses, gifts or anything else that women may find lovely.

Women, in turn, try to look good, wear make-up and wear something that they think would make a good impression. This stage is comprised of romantic meetings, sharing of feelings and some of the most unforgettable moments in one’s life. The ultimate result would be the mutual acceptance between the couple sharing a special feeling.

Emotional Attachment Stage

This stage happens when both partners start to create an emotional bond with each other. The other feels for whatever the other is feeling. Care, sympathy and concern becomes a big part of the relationship at this stage. It is also the stage where couples begin to share, become more open as well as develop trust with their partners.

Acceptance Stage

As couples try to learn more about each other, they begin to realize that each one has flaws. The initial stages of the relationship may not give the couple a chance to ever see these flaws due to the intense feelings of love and euphoria of being with each other. But as time passes, couples begin to see that each one has their own faults and are not so perfect after all.

After this realization, couples go into the acceptance stage. Each one begins to learn how to accept each others flaws and deal with it. This is a very important stage in developing a healthy relationship since acceptance of each others flaws allows understanding and the love to grow to a whole new level.

Commitment Stage

As couples have gone through this different stages, they would want to further take the relationship to the next level. Couples would want to strike up a commitment towards each other that what they share is for keeps.

Partners in the relationship would next want to make a commitment to each other to keep the relationship going for a long, long time despite whatever setbacks or obstacles may come. At this stage, the couple may have reached the most important stage that will lead them to a whole new different life together.

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