To Marry or Not?

weddingTo marry or not? This has been a question that every single male and female has been faced with at some point in their lives. And the answers seem to be varied and different from one person to another. The answers to this question may only lead to two ends- success or failure of the marriage or of the life led singly.

For one, getting married is a decision that should come once in a lifetime. Marriage is a contract between two people deciding that they should live together no matter what. And it is a decision that should be for keeps, meaning that it should last for a lifetime.

But it seems that a lot of people may have forgotten this fact about marriage. For some, marriage might just be a short-term exercise, a trial and error procedure to see if they can actually experience how life would be like with a partner.

Reasons for Getting Married

Whether consciously or subconsciously, people have their own reasons for marrying or not marrying. Their different opinions and beliefs on marriage may help form the basis on whether they decide to marry or not. Aside from love of course, different people have their own reasons. And it seems that men and women seem to differ when it comes to their reasons for marrying although some may also be along the similar lines.

Reasons by Men for Marrying

For men one of the reasons that they want to get married is to continue experiencing the kind of motherly love received while still young. Of course there is also the desire for a lifetime companion aside from the love that the man has for the woman.

There are also other reasons such as having someone with similar tastes or with a woman whom the man has something in common. Some cite getting the woman pregnant as a reason for marrying.

Reasons by Women

Women also have their own reasons for marrying and not all of them might lead them to utter bliss and a lifetime of happiness. One of the most common is that wish to escape from the parents. Some women, especially teenage girls may feel trapped being in the shadow of their parents all of the time.

Some, like men also wish to find a lifetime partner and so marry for a reason as well as for love. Some resort to marriage when they accidentally become pregnant. Some look into marriage as a means to have someone with the same interests and likes.

Reasons not to Marry

And for those who decide on not to marry, some of the reasons include not wanting to or afford to start their own family. Some thrive being alone and see no reason to spend life with another person. Some may have bad experiences about seeing a marriage failing through their own parents and cite it as a reason for not wanting to marry.


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