What Is Dime Store Love?

A dime store is a retail store that sells a wide variety of inexpensive articles. People can buy knick knacks for a few cents. Dime stores are convenient and inexpensive.

Why is it being used to describe a particular kind of love? You probably know some people who meet someone, they hang out for a few days, like each other, then claim that they are in love a week later. Convenient.

This is not to say though that such relationships aren’t worth much (inexpensive in dime store terms), but one week is a pretty short time to get to know someone. This does not mean that true love can’t be found under such circumstances. It can. But it very rarely happens.

It’s like love at first sight. Again, not that love at first sight doesn’t happen. But, if you hear someone say "it’s love at first sight" a bit too often, then it’s probably not. Chances are, they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

Dime store love peril

Dime store love is what is used to call people who fall in love very easily. Some people "fall in love" if given a bit of attention. Throw in a little romantic setting and you have the stuff of romantic novel proportions.

These people are often hopeless romantics who fall in love with love. They get carried away by that one sweet look and the beautiful sunset. I’m painting a pretty picture here but it’s actually a little sad. Imagine how many tales of wounded hearts that will never heal you have to listen to in a matter of months.

A more pressing matter is, these people who fall in love easily, are easy targets for people with ill intentions.

Go for true love

So before you get caught up in the romantic aspect of a prospective relationship, look at the practical side.

Consider the facts: you’ve known the guy/girl for how long? What do you know about him/her? If your answers are "a few days" and "not much" ask yourself what do you really want in a relationship? Would you commit to someone you barely know? How sure are you that he/she will be committed to you?

Never rush into a relationship. Take your time to think about the questions, your answers and what you really want.

No strings attached

On the other hand, if you’re not really looking for a serious, exclusive and committed relationship and just want to be in some kind of open, no-strings-attached relationship, then dime store love will probably do for you. You won’t get hurt if you have no expectations.

It’s up to you if you’ll gamble your dime or invest it wisely.


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