What Kind of Lover Are You?

coupleThere are several types of lovers and it evolves within you as the time pass by with your partner or rather the people you’ve had relationship with through the years. According to experts there are six styles of loving someone and knowing how the said six style work helps one in assessing their relationship’s state and actually work on making it better.

The Romantic, the Obsessive, the Giver, the List-Maker, the Player, and the Pal are six the different types of lover that there is in the world. The way these types of lovers show their affection differs from each other very much not only in the title itself. What kind of lover are you? Find out in what way can you improve yourself and relationship through looking at these type or lover’s details.

The Romantic

Romantic Lovers loves to be in love. These type of people values perfect timing, surprises, especially the physical appearance and other physical attributes. A romantic sweetheart is good yet again they can be easily disappointed when their partner’s physical attributes that swept them away fades.

Be spontaneous at some point in time if you are this type of person. Go out with your partner for a weekend sweet escape to the beach or out of the country. Everyone must mind that loving someone is not skin deep. It does not start and end with the way your partner dress up. Romance or rather romantic feelings does not necessarily have to go once the relationship matures.

The Obsessive

Obsessive are the ones who are always scared that their partner will leave them despite the fact that they have been together for a long time. This type of person also always wants to have their partner close to them as it is their only coping mechanism to feel safe. This type of lover may give his or her partner a very bad time.

There is really no need to be obsessive. For this type of person always mind to not crowd on your partner. Having a relationship means you are suppose to have faith in your partner and grow with him or her together. Partners who does not grow in a relationship is not having a relationship. Give you partner the time and space to explore things and believe in him or her that by the end of the day s/he will still go to your arms and share love with you.

The Giver

Some people gives more to their partners than to themselves be it time, money and others. It is alright to give yet again do not over do it. Relationship is not a mere venue to give or rather please your partner but a venue for someone to grow. Get a life outside of the relationship. Always make it to a point to have time shopping, going to the salon, party with friends and interesting things. In that way, by the end of the day the Giver learns and has something to share towards his or her partner.

The List-Maker

This type of lover are the ones who knows what she wants very much "specifically." They are the ones who usually have this list either in mind or in writing about what type of person do they want to have and when this specific person fails a certain criteria that being will be most likely wiped out. No one is perfect but you can make each other perfect – this reality is what a list-maker person has to pound with. It is best to let go of the list and focus on the growth of your partner.

The Player

You love courtship and the glory of the chasing and dating spotlight. These kind of people tend to feel bored with the long term relationship and then to spot and hit on someone interesting for fun. Spice is fun yet again the playing spice that one get outside of their relationship might end up to having a wrecked relationship.

When you know that you are this kind of person and you want by all means to keep your partner and what both of you had kindly follow the following advise: Avoid being on situations that may lead to affair and do more interesting activities with your partner. Evade going out and being with a very interesting friend or be in a place where it is so easy for a player to get intimate with someone very enticing.

The Pal

The pal are the ones who are constantly subject to someone through friendship and falls for their so-called friend(s) who’s been using the ‘friendship card’ just to get through them. One can also be the ‘Pal’ in a long term relationship especially when everything is so platonic that s/he is just there seemingly like a friend towards his or her partner.

In this case, get sometime to unwind with your man or woman. Make your partner feel the romance and your love for him or her. A romantic dinner never fail.


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