What to Do If You’re In Love with a Bimbo

relationshipIf you ask men what they like about a girl, most of them would say things like "pretty", "kind", "funny" and of course "smart."

But then there are those who have a different and, dare I say, far shallower preferences. These men may not be looking for long-term relationships, but simply just want to have fun and to get some fun as well.

These are those men who actually prefer these shallower, super sexy and and super-dumb women – more commonly referred to as, well, bimbos. Dating or being in love with such a woman is not as easy as you might think. Here’s how you go about dating a hot, dimwitted female.

Patience is a virtue

Remember that bimbos are not the brightest beings on the planet Earth. Thus, you have to exercise patience when dealing with one. You should be able to look past the fact that she can’t comprehend a lot of things. It would help to simply focus on her stunning figure and bedroom prowess.

Level with her

You might enjoy your experiences with your chosen date or girlfriend so much that you might forget that she’s a bimbo and start firing off topics such as religion, politics, etc. Stop. Remember what her mind is capable of absorbing and processing. Stick to things she’s familiar with like say, how hot she is and how good she is in bed.

Do not be seen in public

Well, this one’s all up to you. If you have a solid reputation to protect, your best bet is to stick to dating somewhere outside of town or staying at home. (If you don’t, then by all means, go out and be seen with her in public). For one, it’s a lot of hassle to have to constantly explain to and remind her about how things work. For another, you’re running a high risk of bumping into an ex-date, ex-fling, ex-boyfriend, etc.

Meet the parents… Not

You know the kind of girls that you take home to meet your mom? Well, your dense girlfriend is not that kind of girl. Unless of course your mom doesn’t care (which is highly unlikely) or just as dense as your girlfriend (just as unlikely). Picture the scenario. She wouldn’t know what to say to your parents. What if your mom and dad ask her about her interests? Well, good luck about that.


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  1. I can totally relate.I used to work with one and was given instructions to kick a girl like that to the Kerb and improve my standards.Guess What I did that even though the replacement turned out to be an old girl friend I met as a kid quite a long time ago and never been happier.

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