Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

When we see a younger woman dating an older man, the first notion that comes to mind is that "he’s her sugar daddy." But the truth is, it’s not always the case of the middle-aged man going through a midlife crisis wooing a much younger woman using his money. The fact is, there are plenty of women who are attracted to older men for a variety of reasons.


It is a fact that women mature faster than men. Thus, it is not uncommon for say, a 25-year old woman to be attracted to a man approaching 40. Women like men who have the intellectual capacity to interact on the same level.

Women like men who can talk about anything, from trivial stuff to more serious things. Women also find attractive the kind of man who doesn’t care what other men think of him.

Why? Because it shows that he has the confidence, or at the very least the awareness that he is doing his best with what he has to get to where he wants to be in life.


Another key factor is that older men tend to be more respectful to women. Older men are less likely to "hang out with the boys" and therefore, more available physically and emotionally. Older men also tend to pay more attention to detail than their younger counterparts.

Younger men have been more easily swayed from their women if they do not do what they what they like. But women have their own minds, and older men know that. They know people make mistakes and that some younger women may need direction, but they will not give it unless they are asked.


Sexually, though older men are not as spry as they once were, they feel the need to make sure that their partner is satisfied, putting her needs before his own. For older men, the foreplay starts during the date with witty flirting and eye contact.

Older men also know when their younger partner is in the mood. They can quickly sense her signals because he has experience on his side. Younger men on the other hand, may not have a clue as to what she’s feeling. Younger women feel more at ease with a man who is not trying to get her drunk to get her in bed.


Older men are more stable. That’s not to say all older men are rich, but that most of them have already experienced financial trials and thus know how to manage their money well.


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