Why You Should Hold Hands

couple hold handsHolding hands is one of the many forms of nonsexual touch. Nonsexual touch can be any form of (nonsexual) signs of affection.

Don’t be embarrassed to show affection to your partner in public. Nonsexual touches are not frowned upon because well, they are nonsexual. In fact, they show a united front and that you are a warm and affectionate couple.

Nonsexual touches could be:

  • (nonsexual) necks massages

  • shoulder or back massages

  • sitting close to each other (in public and in private)

  • light kisses, especially unexpected ones

  • holding each other

  • cuddling

  • snuggling

  • stroking

  • walking arm in arm

  • reaching across the table to hold hands

  • putting your arm around your partner

  • gentle caresses

  • and of course, hugs.

Why nonsexual touch is important in marriage?

Nonsexual touch sends subtle signals of care and affection. It strengthens your marriage because it creates comforting and calming atmosphere that is very important in the home. It also builds trust and deepens intimacy between couples.

Don’t let a day pass without showing your partner that you care for him/her. Also don’t let nonsexual touches become routine or a thing pf the past.


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  1. I personally think that if you don’t hold hands often in a relationship, there must be something wrong.

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