Creative Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine dayThe special day for lovers is just around the corner and it’s time to show your beloved how much he or she affects your life positively. Although the usual giving romantic gifts or taking out to dinners or making sweet love to one another are among the most common deeds being done on Valentine’s Day, why not try other activities that would spice up the relationship? Here are some creative ideas that you can try, or you can concoct your own.

Leave a sweet note – Write a simple note saying “I Love You” beside her pillow to make her day begin with some romance in the air. You can even go out of your way and put more notes on along her morning ritual route such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

Skip work – Don’t go to the office and spend Valentine’s Day with your spouse. It shows that even though you are busy with work, you still find it important to show how much you love her.

Heart-shaped goodies – Buy (or even bake) a cake or some goodies like cookies or pastries in the shape of a heart. Put it in a box and give it to her with all your heart.

Romantic drive – Take her out for a long-distance travel by car and bring her to an majestic place like a National Park or the beach.

Send flowers – Roses are the flowers of romance. Send her a huge bouquet of roses, or her favorite flowers, on Valentine’s Day to melt her heart.

Hide a small gift – Leave a small gift hidden in some corner of the house and provide clues to its whereabouts.

Make a Valentine’s Day card – Creating something that is from the heart scores big points to your lover.

Dance together – Whether you go out on a dance club, a ballroom, or simply popping a CD in your home stereo, pairing through dance brings hearts together.

Buy a nice set of lingerie or underwear – Giving these to your lover subtly tells that you want her to wear that tonight.

Write a love letter – Sending her a sincere, hand-written love letter is greatly appreciated. It shows your emotion as well as your romantic side.

Sensual massage – Ease off your spouse’s stress by giving her a soothing massage. Add some sensual caresses and some sweet kisses, who know what happens next?

Kissing and hugging – This is the day that you shower your love with more kisses and hugs that you’d possibly give. Plant her a kiss on almost any opportunity.

Decorate the house specially for Valentine’s Day – Perfect examples include putting on aromatic candles or spreading the bed with rose petals.

Propose to your spouse again – If you can afford to buy her a second ring, propose to her for an anniversary marriage. Usually ideal for couples celebrating 10, 20, 25, or 50 years of marriage.

Special Valentine dinners – Arrange a Valentine’s Day dinner for your parents and, if possible, your in-laws in a classy restaurant an hour away from home. Meanwhile, celebrate a special Valentine bash for your sweetheart at your house.

Play games – These arrange from card games to board games, even chess.

Create a work of art – Try sketching or painting something for your partner. You can even put on a portrait of your love.

Cook a special dish – You can try something exotic or your wife’s favorite dish. If it’s your first time cooking, keep those antacids ready.

Take time out to express your feelings – Spend this day telling her how you feel. Share your thoughts, fears, and even fantasies to her.

Give her a sweet prank – Give her a very small gift box, containing keys to her new car. Tell her beforehand that it is the only one you can afford for now.

Take long walks – Spend the day walking beside each other while holding each other’s hands.

Let her rest – Make Valentine’s Day as a “No Work for the Spouse Day”. Do not let her lift a finger while you take care of the house, as well as the children.

Poetry readings – Read out a romantic or erotic poetry to your Valentine. You could even suggest to try out what’s written in it.

Star gazing – Go to the beach—or just your backyard—and lie down as you look at the stars. If you are lucky enough to spot a falling star, quickly make a wish together and seal it with a kiss.

Go bungee jumping – Do something extreme together. You can even do something riskier like skydiving, that is if she wants to.

Do volunteer work – Build houses together for the poor or visit an orphanage and talk to the kids.

Have video game competitions – Either go to a local arcade or play in your home. Fighting games are the best bet, and make sure to let her win but not too obvious.

Put your guard down – Just enjoy each other’s company. Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about togetherness.

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