Giving The Right Gifts At The Different Dating Periods

shutterstock_106606946Giving gifts is exciting when it concerns someone special. But it should be done the right way. Gift giving in a relationship comes in stages. There is some etiquette involved to avoid awkward situations. The level of gift giving should depend on the level of relationship. Here is a simple guide in gift giving at different relationship stages.

Dating For Less Than 4 Months

It can be confusing for people to think of the ideal gift for someone they just began dating for several months. They can have a hard time considering whether to buy an expensive but memorable gift or just something simple. The general rule is to hold off buying those expensive gifts just yet. You may not have developed enough closeness to warrant buying your date something that may burn your pocket. Consider buying a gift that both of you can use. For example, you can buy a ticket for two at a concert or an even that you both can participate in. That way you do not invest that much in the early relationship yet.

Dating For 6 Months

At this time, couples may already have shared some kind of commitment to the relationship. It may be at a stage where the two begin to date exclusively. And at this point, it may already be good sense to give out special gifts that may be at a range of $30 to $75, depending on the budget. Giving romantic holiday presents may already be possible, knowing that it can further help couples spend more time together and let the relationship develop.

Long-Term Relationships

Couples in a long-term and serious relationship may need more special and well thought out gifts. Partners should know each other well enough to give the kind of gifts that the other would want or need. The gifts each one may give at this stage are usually more expensive, more romantic and more meaningful. Even practical gifts are encouraged, as long as such gifts are not perceived in a negative light.

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