Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

inexpensive valentine's day giftsValentine’s Day is the best time for couples to show their romantic feelings towards one another. One way of doing that is to travel in a place where they can spend time together. However, if you are tight on the budget why not try these great tips for budget-friendly Valentine getaways?

Outdoor Picnic – Pack your picnic basket with different fruits, snacks, and a bottle of wine or champagne. Lay out your blanket on a part of the park where there are fewer people so that you can have all the privacy possible in a public place. Besides, you don’t want to be bothered by passing dogs catching frisbees.

Early morning cinema – The cinema’s first screening often has the fewest number of audience. Arrange a movie date with your partner in the morning. You can cuddle more intimately without being bothered by other people.

National park – If you have a national park within your area, try spending Valentine’s Day exploring it. Take the unused entrances for quicker access and get a little lost from the crowd. Hey, at least you have each other.

Local motel – Take your partner to a local motel so you can spend a day or two together and with absolute privacy. You can also bring some sensual body oils, sea salts, and other hot tub essentials for that romantic dip on the water.

Lock the doors – Or better yet, why not spend Valentine’s Day all-day long in your home? Unplug all the phones, turn off the cell phones and Blackberries, and create a loving and intimate world of your own.


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