Roses For Valentines Day

man with roseRoses are the most popular gift on Valentines Day from many years. Roses have many meanings depending on its color. Each color has specific meaning attached to it. We have to select the right color of rose before to gifting them. Some of the popular colors of roses and their meaning:

Red Roses: Red color rose conveys romantic love.

Purple Roses: Purple color conveys that you have fallen in love at first sight.

Orange roses: Shows your desire.

Yellow roses: This rose conveys your happiness and friendship.

Peach roses: Peach color roses convey gratitude and appreciation.

Pink Roses: Pink roses sends message of sympathy.

White Roses: Express reverence and humility.

Yellow Roses: Signifies the meaning jealousy.

Blue Roses: Meaning of blue roses is unattainable.


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